Sunday, December 18, 2011

70 Years of Archie

Ever wish you could remain a teenager forever? Archie Andrews did!

This month marks the 70th Anniversary of Archie and his Pals and Gals and the whole line of Archie Comics. Making his first appearance in Pep Comics #22, Archie, Betty and Jughead were around thirteen years old when they first appeared but by the time "Archie Comics #1" would hit the newsstands a year later the gang would be around sixteen as we know them today.

Archie and his Friends have lasted almost as long as the super-hero genre that dominates the the comic book industry. Even though these characters never grow old, they do change with the times and that makes them as popular today as they were with your parents.

To think that the gang from Riverdale High School lived through the Big Band Era, Rock and Roll, Psychedelic Music, Disco, New Wave, Punk, Grunge, Hip-Hop and on and on.
And not to mention Radio (which Archie had a successful series that lasted for ten years), Television (with numerous successful animated series) Film, Internet, etc.
And let's not forget the very successful rock group (spun off of the Animated TV series of the 60's) "The Archies"with their number #1 smash, "Sugar, Sugar".

Archie Comics and IDW Publishing are putting out some wonderful books celebrating these great characters and the people who have worked on these comics. I suggest you check them out, they are GREAT reading.

Happy 70 Years to Archie and his Friends, and especially my favorite member of the gang Jughead.