Friday, May 7, 2010

Some Thimble Theatre Sketches

Here are some sketches of Popeye's friends and enemies that I have done over the years.
Above Wimpy chases down Big Boy to get his burger prize. This is probably the most exercise the moocher has ever gotten.

The Sea Hag stirs up some trouble for Popeye.

Wimpy is buried in "Hamburger Heaven" as Popeye and Olive look on in disgust.

I'll never forget what my friend Wayne and fellow artist said when I showed him this sketch, "You're insane for drawing that many burgers!"

Hey, we have to suffer for our art!

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rogue evolent said...

Marc, the cartoon of J. Wellington chasing Bob's Big Boy (or is it Azar's...if you were living in Fort Wayne, In in '74 :) ).... is just SO DANG COOL!!!!!! Mega kudos!
your pal,