Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Huckleberry Hero Hump-Day Special

He is known as "The Ghost who walks", and as "The man who can not die". For over 400 years he has fought against piracy and those who would do evil and injustice in the jungles of Bangalla.

In reality he is comics first masked crime fighter. The Phantom made his first appearance in the comic pages of American newspapers in 1936. The brainchild of Lee Falk, The Phantom is actually the 22nd descendant of the Walker family line to take up the fight against the Singh Dynasty and it's reign of piracy.
Before Superman and Batman, Kit Walker was the first to put on a suit of "tights", a black domino mask and the sign of the skull on his ring and belt to fight evil-doers.

This week in honor the great comic strip hero, Huck enters The Phantom's secret Skull Cave and takes the mantle upon the Skull Throne and strikes a familiar pose of the crime fighter.

I'm posting the original pencils of this sketch because I'm really happy the way this drawing turned out. I thought I captured the mood very well. I'll eventually post this in color.

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