Sunday, November 9, 2008

Wacky Team-Ups

Sometime in the 80's, I started doing sketches of Heroes and Cartoon Characters teaming up. The idea was to take a theme and use it to bring the most unlikely of choices together. Eventually I decided it didn't have to be Super-Heroes and Characters, but something that would bring two characters together.

Above we have Popeye and The 3 Stooges in a pose that is typical for both. In the early days of Television, The Stooges and Popeye were often paired in kid show afternoon packages. The case was true here in Pittsburgh, everyday you could see them on WTAE's "Adventure Time" with Paul Shannon.

This sketch shows best my original premise, a cartoon character fighting a villain you wouldn't think he could fight. Mighty Mouse vs. The Rhino! I always thought that this one was the best I ever did.

Here was my Tribute to R.F. Outcault, The Comic Creator who started it all, and Charles M. Schulz, the creator of the most successful newspaper strip ever.

The theme that brings these two characters together? They're bald-headed little kids!

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