Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Popeye DVD Volume 3

I picked up the third volume of the Popeye Black & White Cartoons today. This set has the final run of the Fleischer produced cartoons and the beginning of the Famous Studios shorts. This set is significant because it contains Popeye's WWII cartoons, some never seen on TV at all!

If you purchase the DVD collection from Best Buy you get a mini comic book that reprints in part the classic "Plunder Island" story from Segar's Sunday pages from 1933-34. This story introduces Alice the Goon to Thimble Theatre.

The above four pages show the climatic fight between Popeye and Alice (who was a slave of the Sea Hag) and the realization that Alice is indeed a female. It also introduces her young son. Segar never revealed the baby's name.

Six years ago when I wrote my first Popeye story, I reintroduced the son of Alice the Goon and named him....Alex the Goon.

That's were I came up with the name....and it has taken on a life of it's own. One day I hope to convince King Features Syndicate to publish the story and make a life long dream come true.

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