Sunday, March 6, 2011

Will Eisner Google Tribute

Today is the Anniversary of the birth of one of Comics greatest innovators, Will Eisner. Eisner was there at the dawn of Comics Books and helped shape it into the medium that it is today.
Not only did he create one of comics most enduring characters The Spirit, the debut came in a special comic book section that was in Sunday newspapers.
Eisner was one of the first to experiment with the layout of the comic page using it to effectively to tell his stories. He was also a master of mood and lighting and the use of shadow play that few have ever been able to duplicate.
And his slash pages had few equals. Every new Spirit story started with the hero's name used for the background or buildings, wind blown papers, puddles of water and blood and so many, many more uses of stylized lettering.
Eisner is also credited with creating the Graphic Novel, a complete novel told in comic book form or the phrase he coined, "sequential art".
He was also a scholar of the medium, helping people learn the full use and potential of telling a story with sequential art.

Today Google is honoring Mr. Eisner with it's logo done like Eisner did with the aforementioned Spirit splash page.

Nicely done.

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