Saturday, April 17, 2010

Fantastic Four by Byrne & Me

The above sketch is my re-creation of John Byrne's cover to The Fantastic Four Annual #17, 1983.
John Byrne is one of my favorite artists and a great storyteller/writer. He has had historic runs on the X-men, Superman, Marvel Team-up, Alpha Flight, and so many more. But his run as the writer and artist of The Fantastic Four (in my opinion) is his best work. Byrne took the F.F. "Back to Basics", telling stories the way Stan Lee and Jack Kirby did during the first 102 issues.
I've always loved the cover to the 1983 annual and I wanted to make a poster of it. On Byrne's original sketch, The Fantastic Four had on their new outfits of dark blue/violet and white. I wanted to put them in their original uniforms, so that's how I drew it.
I hope I did Byrne proud.

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