Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Captain Marvel by Jack Kirby

Above is a xerox of a pencil drawing of Captain Marvel done by the Great Comic Book Creator, Jack Kirby. This sketch was done for the 100th issue of the great old comic book fanzine "The Comic Reader".
Kirby didn't do a whole lot of work on Captain Marvel, but his contribution to the World's Mightiest Mortal is an important one. When Fawcett Publications decided to expand their popular hero to his own title "Captain Marvel Adventures", the assignment went to Kirby (who penciled the issue) and his partner Joe Simon (who wrote the stories and did some inks). Simon and Kirby only worked on the first issue. At the same they were working on this comic book, Joe and Jack were also working on their classic character of the Golden Age, Captain America for Timely Comics - now known as Marvel Comics (ironic isn't it!).

The above sketch is my inks over Kirby's pencils, and then I colored it with Berol Prismacolor Markers.

I love to ink over the King's pencils and this one was a pleasure to do.

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rogue evolent said...

Marc!!! I love your inking and coloring of the King Kirby pencils - - superb.
As much as I am a Ditkoholic from way back... when I'm in a hypnotic trance I will admit that Jack Kirby IS my fave!
And, I like Marc's art tons too :)