Thursday, January 28, 2010

Some new art

As I wrote before due to recent health problems, I'm having some trouble with my vision. High blood pressure is causing these "floaters" to impede my sight and makes it hard to make out details when I draw.
As therapy I trying to draw more and work through the "floaters", it hasn't been easy but I'm trying to work through it.
Here's a couple of sketch's of Disney's Robin Hood (one of my favorite movies) and of course one of my favorite characters Super Goof.


rogue evolent said...

Sweet pics Marc. Disney's Robin Hood has always been one of my faves; it is an under rated gem. The two buzzard guards are my favorites. And your Super Goof is great; you 'nailed' his costume perfectly with the fold of his pant's flap.
Hope you're feeling better.

Marc Greisinger aka "Alex the Goon" said...

Thanks R. E. I did a sketch of Nutsy & Trigger also, when I finish it I'll post it.
Also other cast members of Robin Hood.

rogue evolent said...

Nutsy and Trigger YEAH!!! Those are the guys, I loved them and their interaction with the Sheriff (with wonderful voice acting done by the great Pat Butram/Mr. Haney of GREEN ACRES fame)...
you are one talented due Marc! Glad I found your blog.