Saturday, December 5, 2009


This year marks the 40th Anniversary of one of my favorite movie stars, Herbie the Love Bug. Released in March of 1969, the cute little VW with a soul made his debut and took the world by storm. The film was the highest grosser of the year and only Mary Poppins made more money for Disney than any other of their live action films.
Herbie went on to appear in five more films and become a cultural icon. Back in the 1970's, I remember quite a few Volkswagen's riding around my neighborhood painted like the famous bug. Just recently I saw a newer model VW made up like Herbie on one of our local highways, it put a big smile on my face.
I've always enjoyed these films and have always wanted a little Herbie of my own.

Fun side note about Herbie: the model Volkswagen they used for the movie was a 1963 Sedan model, made the same year I was born.

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