Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Annie

Happy Anniversary to Little Orphan Annie who made her first appearance on this date in 1924. Created by Harold Gray, Annie was one of the first strips to tell a dramatic story line in a newspaper strip.
One of the first successful strips to crossover into other media, Little Orphan Annie has had a popular radio series, Broadway play, and musical film. Also plenty of merchandising with books, toys, lunch boxes, etc. One piece of merchandising that is fondly remembered is her"secret decoder" that you got when you sent in the premiums from her radio shows sponsor, Ovaltine. most time when the secret code was given on the radio, it was an add to buy more Ovaltine!
Annie is still published today with a whole new look and has grand adventures that would make Indiana Jones proud.

Above is an old sketch that I did of Annie and her ever faithful dog, Sandy.

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