Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Coming to DVD

I wanted to share with you some DVD news that I read about recently. Above is the set of the entire series of the Plastic Man Animated Show by Ruby-Spears. This show was a lot of fun and it was great that Plas got to expand his profile outside of comic books. The set will be available September 1st.
Thanks to Rick at Plastic Man Platitudes for the info.

Next is the first season of the Spectacular Spider-man that played on the CW last season. This has been the best adaption ever done of Spidey in animated form. I love the original series of the 60's, but this really captures the feel of the stories done by Stan Lee & Steve Ditko. It's a shame the series moved to Toon Disney (or whatever they are calling themselves now) because not everyone gets to see it (me included). The set will be avalable July 28th.

These are both great series and I highly recommend them.

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