Tuesday, March 17, 2009

More of Marvel's 70th Anniversary

Above is the logo that Marvel is using for their 70th Anniversary Celebration. I love that the figure heads are classic art. I'll see if I can identify the Artists.
Captain America is by Gil Kane.
Spider-man is by John Romita Sr.
Hulk is by Marie Severin.
Iron Man appears to be George Tuska.
Wolverine is John Byrne.
And Thor is by the King, Jack Kirby.

This drawing of Spider-man was originally done by Gil Kane. I forget where (the magazine) I got the original pencils from, But I inked the pencils and colored the figure.
Spider-man is my favorite Marvel character and favorite super-hero. He is the reason I became a"Marvel Zombie" and still am a Comic Book Fanboy.

This piece was done by Alan Davis for the upcoming Marvel 70th Anniversary Special Comic Book. Golden Age meets Modern Age - I love it!

'Nuff Said.

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