Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Huckleberry Hero Hump-Day

This week our Hound Dog Hero portrays DC Comics scarlet speedster, the Silver Age Flash.

This one I've wrestled with for a while. Should I draw it "straight" or "comically". Having Huck (The Flash) running fast had the potential for a funny sketch. But I also wanted to do one honoring the artist who co-created him, Carmine Infantino. So I decided to do both.
The top sketch is the Infantino Tribute, re-creating one of his covers of the Scarlet Speedster.
The middle sketch is done in a animated style, following the lessons of one of the great animators, Preston Blair. I used the effect of him getting ready to take off.
Finally I drew Huck in the style of the artist who first drew Ol' Huck and his Pals in Comic Books, Harvey Eisenberg. Eisenberg was a great artist who drew all the the Hanna-Barbera characters dating all the way back to Tom and Jerry's first appearance in Comic Books. I thought his style would be great for this "bullet gag".

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