Monday, September 29, 2008

Popeye Calender Art

For the past couple of years I've produced a calender for the Popeye Fan Club. Each year I do a different theme. For 2006 I did the History of Popeye and Thimble Theatre (the real name of the Popeye newspaper strip). Above is the cover of the calender depicting how the Sailor has changed through the years.
Above I've recreated Popeye's first appearance. He sure has changed, hasn't he! Actually I combined two panels into one. On the left is Harold Ham Gravy, Olive Oyl's first boyfriend and original star (along with Olive) of Thimble Theatre. Next is Castor Oyl, Olive's Brother. Beside him is Bernice the Whiffle Hen, the Luck Bird. When you rub the three hairs on her head, you will have incredible luck. Castor received Bernice as a gift from his explorer Uncle and when he found out about her great power, Castor buys a boat and hires Popeye to sail them to Dice island, a gambling resort.
For 2007 the theme was Holidays. Whatever holiday was in the certain month, I did a drawing depicting Popeye and his pals celebrating the holiday. Above is Father's Day for June.
Here is Valentines Day for February.
For 2008 I did twelve different pin-ups of the Thimble Theatre cast. For September I did Popeye and his adopted son, Swee'pea.

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